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Details From the brand Level Up Your Home Theater 【The Visual】With 1920 x 1080 native resolution and 700 ANSI lumen brightness, the NexiGo PJ40 home projector provides high-resolution images that are crisp and clear. The PJ40 (Gen 3) can be calibrated to D65/D75 color accuracy dE less than 3, which is imperceptible to the human [...]

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Details From the brand ✨✨【Powerful Sound Quality】: This 20W portable Bluetooth speaker is precision designed and uses advanced audio technology and high-quality speaker units to provide excellent sound quality performance and clear music details. You can also connect two speakers at the same time to experience immersive 360° stereo sound. This portable speaker is an [...]

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Details From the brand Weishan Tech-ship Keeps Moving Technology updates all over the world, weishan brand changes the whole life. We are dedicated to enhancing convenience and happiness. Time goes by, technology changes, weishan forwards too. Weishan always creates products from customers’ short-time demand and long-time targets. This is meaningful. This solves the problems related [...]