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Details Product Description Installation steps Step 1. Plug-in receiver to TV or Monitor: Connect the wireless HDMI display receiver (RX) to your display device and power it on by plugging the USB male port into a USB power source. Note: To power the receiver, you’ll need an external USB-A power source with a minimum of [...]


Details From the brand Drunken Bridging Distances with Innovation Drunken is more than a brand; it’s a commitment to a world where distance is irrelevant to connection. Our brand, established 13 years ago, has a strong foundation in technological expertise and stands at the forefront of the WIFI6 revolution. The Drunken WIFI6 Extender represents our [...]


Details From the brand Outdoor WiFi Extender Enjoy your WiFi even outdoors! Founded in 2010, WAVLINK expertise in a comprehensive range of wireless and wired technologies and applications, also a leading global manufacturer. The integrated structure and R&D allows us to complete the production process autonomously. Our vision is to bring technology to life, making [...]


Details Product Description Very easy to set up and use You can connect your existing router and easily extend your wireless signal by simply pressing the WPS button of the router and extender. There are two modes to choose from 1.Repeater mode is used to extend the WiFi coverage of your existing wireless network. 2.AP [...]


Details Product Description Extend Wi-Fi Coverage : Boost Internet Wi-Fi Coverage up to 13225 Square feet and connects up to 130 devices, Compatible with any Wifi Router or access point1200Mbps Stable Signal Boosts and 360°Full Coverage : This WiFi extender booster comes with dual band technology, provide up to 300Mbps for 2.4GHz, up to 867Mbps [...]


Details Extend a network over VDSL2 using UTP, CAT5e/6 or RJ11 cabling over distances up to 0.6mi (1km). Speeds of up to 300 Mbps (aggregated) are available at shorter distances. Supports VDSL2 35b/30a/17a and features ITU-T G.993.5 G.Vectoring and G.INP technologies. The installation can be customized by using DIP switches. Choose between Master or Remote [...]

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Details Product Features 3 in 1 Functions: WiFi Range Extender (Repeater), Wireless Access Point, Wireless Router. Low Power Consumption: Uses environmentally friendly design. It is stable with low radiation and low power. Booster WiFi Coverage: Extend the existing WiFi coverage to hard-to-reach areas, enhance your WiFi signal. Connect Wired Devices: Ethernet port can connect any [...]


Details From the brand We truly believe everyone deserves a better life. Our goal is to serve every person by offering a range of budget-friendly household glass corner shelves and Bluetooth adapters, which are are trendy, yet functional. Glass Shower Caddies Shelves Mini Bluetooth Adapter 5.3 Long Range Bluetooth Dongle Bluetooth Headset Connection Wireless connection, [...]


Details Introduction: This VGA extender includes a signal transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter which is linked with main engine will convert the VGA signal to standard TCP / IP and transmit by internet. The receiver which is connected with the display will convert the standard TCP / IP signal into VGA signal. In brief, [...]


Details 📶【360°Extended WiFi Coverage】PCERCN WiFi network repeater covers 360 degrees, eliminates WiFi signal blind spots, equipped with a 4 x 3dBi high gain rotating antenna, perfect for boosting WiFi signal for room bedroom, loft, bathroom, garage, basement, greatly improving the user’s network experience.🚀【1200Mbps Stable Transmission】This 1200MP WiFi extender has dual band technology. 5GHz (867 Mps) [...]


Details 【Stable Signal Boosts】This WiFi repeater equipped with 4 external antennas, It will provide a more stable signal,covering up to 360 degrees, higher penetration, enhance the WiFi network and eliminate dead zones, extending your wireless internet to every corner of your house and beyond to the garage and basement. Freely play games, stream 4K video,video [...]