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Details From the brand Drunken Bridging Distances with Innovation Drunken is more than a brand; it’s a commitment to a world where distance is irrelevant to connection. Our brand, established 13 years ago, has a strong foundation in technological expertise and stands at the forefront of the WIFI6 revolution. The Drunken WIFI6 Extender represents our [...]


Details From the brand AERVY WIFI EXTENDER AERVY develops affordable, top-notch network equipment for an exceptional internet experience. Over the past 12 years, AERVY has lived by “Innovation leads, quality builds trust,” enhancing design, manufacturing, and quality control, distinguishing the brand in the competitive market. AERVY’s WIFI extenders are celebrated for their outstanding performance and [...]


Details Product Description Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones – This WiFi signal extender is designed to penetrate walls and floors, amplifying your wireless internet network to reach every corner of your home, including the porch, backyard, and garage.Extreme Performance – Lightning-fast internet speeds: WiFi Booster’s Single-band technology with the new Wi-Fi technology chipset processors for 2.4GHz, [...]


Details Product Description 1200Mbps Single Frequency Wireless Signal Expander 1200Mbps High-Speed Stable Signal: Utilize the latest dual-band technology for a blazing fast 1200Mbps on both 5GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Extend your internet wireless network seamlessly, ensuring every corner of your house enjoys a stable and high-speed WiFi connection. Say goodbye to dead zones and enhance [...]