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Details Product Description Installation steps Step 1. Plug-in receiver to TV or Monitor: Connect the wireless HDMI display receiver (RX) to your display device and power it on by plugging the USB male port into a USB power source. Note: To power the receiver, you’ll need an external USB-A power source with a minimum of [...]

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Details 🎵 Crystal Clear Sound: Enjoy crystal-clear audio with our USB-C microphone. With dual wireless lavalier mics and cutting-edge AI DSP noise reduction, you’re guaranteed clear sound even in noisy environments. Experience stable, high-quality 48KHz CD-like audio, ideal for professional-grade recordings. Perfect for capturing every detail in your content.🔌 Effortless Plug-n-Play: Setting up is as [...]

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Details Product Description 1 Loop out Port 2 Long Rang Transmission 3 Meeting 4 Certifications Wireless HDMI Extender Wide Range of Applications How to solve the problem when “Searching TX” appears on the display connected to the RX? This status indicates that TX and RX not connected, please check: a: TX and RX transmission distance; [...]


Details Product Description BolAAzuL Gigabit RJ45 Network Ethernet Splitter 1 to 2 with USB Charging Cable 2 Devices Simultaneous Networking Expand your network and add network devices with this 2-port 1000mbps router/ rj45 network switch splitter, letting you transfer 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet. Two ports offer 2X Ethernet so you can plug and [...]


Details AV1000 Speeds and 300 Meters Range Powerline adapters must be deployed in sets of two or more. TL-PA7017 is compatible with all TP-Link powerline adapters. Using advanced HomePlug AV2 technology, TL-PA7017 ensures stable and high-speed wired connection, providing data transmissions of up to 1000 Mbps* over the electrical wiring for ranges up to 300 [...]