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Details From the brand Check our Seculife storefront. SecuLife offers limitless GPS tracking, enabling you to keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts at any time and from any location. Keep in contact through our Two Way Speakerphone. Our product is specifically crafted to oversee children’s movements, whether they’re at school, engaged in after-school activities, on [...]

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Details From the brand TV Speaker for Hard of Hearing Wireless TV Headphones Long Cord TV Headphones Bluetooth Adapters Headphones for Kids & Adults Headphones for Kids Bluetooth Headphones Car Headphones SIMOLIO has been committed to researching the hearing needs of different groups of people and transforming various cutting-edge wireless audio technologies into high-quality audio [...]

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Details From the brand TV Listening Devices How long can the Receiver run on battery? About 8 hours continuous use (mid-volume range) Will I hear audio delay? No, we use proprietary RF technology that has near zero audio latency (delay). Can the TV Soundbox work with Streaming Channels (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime)? Yes, TV [...]


Details Product Description A Better Quality of Life for Everyone! AngelSense provides the maximum amount of safety & independence for those with autism, special needs, and dementia. Powerful features that aren’t found anywhere else will give you peace of mind and them a better quality of life. If you want all day, non-stop protection, choose [...]